Helping women find their perfectly imperfect strength

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike to start living your best life. Start NOW by finding your perfectly imperfect strength both physically and mentally.

We are all going to face battles in this lifetime, but we are not alone! If we will go into those unforseen trials while finding strength in the struggle, we can overcome anything.

I’m not promising you a carefree journey.  But, I am confident that the strength you will find within will leave you more prepared for the road ahead.

I know you’re ready to be that woman who knows she can fight any battle that comes her way.

I know that you’re ready to feel the confidence to overcome.

Quit putting yourself last and let’s make a difference together!

I’m Natalie


I help women like you find their perfectly imperfect strength both physically and mentally.  Through my public speaking ventures, podcast episodes and virtual coaching clients, I lead a passion driven business focused on encouraging women to take action NOW!  As a recent breast cancer conqueror, I encourage women to not wait for tragedy to strike before they take action on caring for themselves. 

Being a mom to 3 kids and a personal trainer for more than a decade, I have ridden the roller coaster from ultimate health to the bottom of the barrel and back again!  I know the struggles that every day women face as well as those who are fighting to regain their identity in finding a new normal.

I am the founder of My Think Fit, Inc. and the Co-Host of Lifework:The Podcast.  You can hear more of my story HERE

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